General Information:

What to expect on the first visit:

Please feel free to bring a friend or loved one for this appointment who is interested in your healthcare journey.

Bringing children that are not receiving care: We LOVE Children. However, due to the function of our office, it is not completely childproof and there is no staff that can “keep an eye” on the little ones, particularly if you will be on any type of therapy/ modality that limits your ability to be mobile and care for them.

Dress comfortably in loose-fitting clothing, particularly if there may be acupuncture, examination of knee or shoulders, etc.

Initial paperwork

You should already have received your paperwork via text or email. Occasionally there is an issue with submitting the form via text. If you are having issues, please text us and we can help.

“Staffless Office”

Answering the phones, making appointments, and doing general office work is different in our office as there is very limited staff. The best way to contact the office is to use texting, email, or leave a voice mail. My time and energy during the day is directed toward the patients in the office seeking care. When able, I check and return messages. For your convenience scheduling can be done online, just click the Start Here button. If you are not able to find availability for the date/time desired contact us as we may be able to make arrangements for you and your family.

If Dr. McFarland is not at the desk, please sign in and have a seat. She will come up to the reception area as soon as she is available. Generally, the wait is only 15 minutes or less.

There is a clipboard with a “Leave a Note” form. Please fill out this form before any visit (except the very first one). We encourage you to use this for any changes in your financing, appointment requests, general questions, suggestions, etc.


Dr. McFarland will review your case history and discuss your concerns, desires, needs, and preferences. X-rays, blood, and lab work may be ordered for further investigations. Many times we treat on the same day if it can be done safely and there is ample time.

Small office / Open concept:

With limited space, the office is creatively functional. There are partitions in some areas as needed. This main area is not “private”. Most of the time a private, quiet area is available upon request.

At no time do I want you to feel uncomfortable, uneasy, or just put up with this arrangement. Don’t feel the need to just put up with it. We want you to be comfortable. PLEASE just let me know. I have many patients who have their own private times. Many people love the open atmosphere and look forward to chatting with some of the wellness gang that comes in to stay well.

Bathroom: Down the hallway, first hall to the left and it is right there.


Dr. McFarland has been a chiropractor for over 37 years and treats people like family. She has cultivated a family-like – comfortable atmosphere. On any given day she may be in a t-shirt, jeans, hair up/ so over the “professional/white coat look – healing seems to flow better with comfort. Come and relax – let us help you on your healthcare journey.


We accept Medicaid, VA, and Auto Accidents with Attorney Lien.

We accept Care Credit, Health Savings accounts, Debit, and Credit cards as well as cash and Checks. Due to our “staffless practice”, it is our policy to enter your card in the system to staff on file as it takes time to set up and scan cards every service. Your card information remains private as the system will only allow the last 4 digits to be visible. This is a great convenience on your part reducing time for you as well and no need to stop and pay. If there are ever any changes in your card or you desire to have it removed in our system, simply let us know.

If there is any Medicare coverage, unfortunately, there is no chiropractic coverage in our office. Just talk to us about our various Medicare alternative plans. Unless otherwise arranged, payment is expected the day of visit.