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What is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture is a form of therapy that promotes natural healing of the body. The science and art of acupuncture involves insertion of needles into specific points along the meridians of the body. Acupuncture forms a branch of Traditional Chinese Medicine, which originated in China over 5,000 years ago. Currently, acupuncture is a safe and effective natural therapy and an increasingly popular form of healthcare that is used by a wide range of cultural and social backgrounds.

  • Drug-free pain relief
  • Assists prevention against disease
  • Treats the cause as well as the symptoms
  • Holistic approach to illness, linking body, mind and emotions
  • Effectively treats many common ailments

Many people who have experienced the therapeutic effects of Acupuncture will vow that it truly does work.

In my office we use Medical Acupuncture based on the fact that acupuncture has a variety of therapeutic effects on the body thus the action must vary depending on the type of pathology. However it is proposed that acupuncture primarily produces its effects through regulating the nervous system.

Regulation of the nervous system aids the activity of pain-killing biochemicals such as endorphins and immune system cells at specific sites in the body. In addition, studies have shown that acupuncture may alter brain chemistry by changing the release of neurotransmitters and neurohormones. These affect the parts of the central nervous system related to sensation and involuntary body functions, such as immune reactions and processes that regulate a person’s blood pressure, blood flow, and body temperature.

Your first visit will include a consultation and examination. Xrays and lab testing may be determined to be medically necessary. It is best to wear loose fitting clothing, particularly with knee and shoulder complaints to get to the region for proper treatment. If you have leg pain, you may want to bring a pair of shorts just in case.

There can be a period of exacerbation of symptoms for the first 24 hours as with any form of body treatment and the therapeutic benefits of treatment can then take up to three days to kick in. The number and frequency of treatments depends on several factors including the duration of your present disorder, your age, constitution and individual health goal. However usually 10-15 treatments are recommended to achieve the full effects of Acupuncture.

Each session typically lasts 30 minutes. There is an infrared lamp available to help increase the energy to the needles.

First question: Do the needles hurt? Over 9 years I have been doing needle demonstration to answer this question as the only way to know is to feel. After insertion of the test needle, the most common response is, “Is that all?”, “I didn’t even feel that”. It is rare to even hear an “ouch”. In fact, in many ways, acupuncture is one of the most gentle treatments we offer.

Acupuncture involves the insertion of fine needles in the specific sites or acupuncture points along the body’s meridians. There are protocols, procedures, special considerations, and prohibited areas for needling that I have and continue to have specialized training in. Our needles are single use and in sterile containers. The area for treatment is prepared using alcohol.

Yes, there are a few ways that acupuncture can help with nicotine addiction:

  • Acupuncture assists in relaxation, diverting stress that leads to smoking.
  • Acupuncture balances the body, helping detoxification after quitting smoking.
  • Acupuncture significantly reduces nicotine cravings making it easier to stop smoking.

For more information about acupuncture and nicotine/smoking addiction, check out our blog post here.

Pain Relief with Acupuncture

woman holding wrist showing pain


The Mayo Clinic states that Acupuncture appears to modestly reduce many types of chronic pain, so it's not surprising that many people with fibromyalgia are seeing great results.

Man touching his back representing back pain

Back Pain

The American Pain Society and American College of Physicians say doctors should consider acupuncture as an alternative therapy for patients with chronic low-back pain that's not helped by conventional treatment.

man holding head experiencing a headache


Clinical trials have proven acupuncture to be effective at reducing the frequency and intensity of migraine attacks.

Relieving Anxiety With Acupuncture

man holding head appearing anxious

Overcoming Anxiety

Animal and human studies suggest that the beneficial effects of acupuncture on health, including mental and emotional functioning, are related to different mechanisms of action, including changes in neurotransmitters involved in emotional regulation such as serotonin, modulation of the autonomic nervous system, and changes in immune function.

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