Pediatric Enuresis AKA Bedwetting

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Pediatric Enuresis or Bedwetting is an all too common childhood condition that can be effectively and quickly treated with chiropractic care. Many parents, caregivers, and medical doctors believe that children will simply outgrow bedwetting. However, studies have shown that kids have only a 15% of outgrowing it without some sort of intervention.

There are a number of suggestions you could likely find online as to how to best proceed with trying to stop your child from bedwetting. Especially if kids are younger, they sometimes need to retrain their bladders to hold in their urine while they sleep since they have never done that before. However, for older individuals who are physically capable of staying dry all night long, bedwetting may be less of an issue with muscle control and more of an issue that is rooted in the spine.

Your entire excretory system is controlled with nerves that pass through your lumbar spine, or your lower back. When a vertebra is slightly off center or a little twisted in your lower back, you can experience a variety of excretory issues, including irritable bowel syndrome, urinary tract infections, and—you guessed it—bedwetting.

-There are many “speculations” as to the cause of enuresis, unfortunately the spinal misalignment is most often completely overlooked.

-Treatments can include nighttime alarms and aggressive motivational therapies, which in many cases result in frustration and feelings of failure for the child.

-The child ends up feeling like a failure and many times is unwilling to participate in many of the fun events of growing up with friends, including the “sleepovers”.

-A chiropractic exam can reveal the SUBLUXATION and spinal misalignment that in nearly ALL cases of bedwetting (daytime wetting as well) is the true cause.

-It is so important to know that this is not the child’s fault, nor is it the result of bad parenting. This is a structural problem that can be addressed right here in this office.

To find out more about bedwetting and if chiropractic might be the answer for your child, call today:


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